Part of SircuSynergy’s ethos is around community development through investing in the youth from impoverished communities.

As individuals both Natalie and Orlando have worked with children from lower income families in Chile and South Africa. They quickly noticed that through teaching these different groups of children the art of circus, dance and acro contact work, allowing them a space for free self expression and providing these kids with positive reinforcement, there was a significant effect on their confidence, concentration levels, relationship building skills, an increase in their self respect, respect for their bodies and respect for the other children. Through working together, the group of kids worked towards putting on a showcase at the end of their training and their dedication to showing up, putting in the hard work and creating something wonderful was easily noted.


Now, as SircuSynergy, Natalie and Orlando along with the rest of the team plan to continue their good work in building both the circus community in Southern Africa and investing in the youth, in a similar manner to what they have seen work so well, by creating a safe space and platform for professionals to train and to develop new talent regardless of socio-economic background, race or gender. The goal is to build strong performers who come from as many diverse backgrounds as possible and giving them the skills to build a sustainable career.

SircuSynergy has strategic relationships with performers from all over the world and continue to develop new relationships abroad and in Africa. The plan is to work with foundations and development agencies as well as established global circus schools and companies to assist in importing top class artists and coaches to train and develop African talent.

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