In addition to offering spectacular performing artists, SircuSynergy offers top quality equipment and rigging for hire for your event, production and/or function. SircuSynergy has more than 14 years of rigging experience, certified riggers and over 700kg of rigging circus gear.

Safety is the SircuSynergy team’s number one priority and below you’ll find a list of technical specs needed to ensure this safety.

Rigging for an event is usually installed either one day before, or on the day of the actual event depending on time and location constraints. SircuSynergy provides all winches and certified rigging equipment for the event/s.

If you venue does not support the criteria needed to safely rig the aerial act equipment, SircuSynergy offers a range of impressive and stunning floor acts to suit your event needs.

To request a quote or to book SircuSynergy contact: info@sircusynergy.co.za

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Rigging Technical Specs & Safety for Aerial Acts

To ensure safety, the following criteria are necessary for rigging Aerial equipment:
a) Ceiling minimum height: 6 meters,
b) Performance area: 3-meter diameter, below the rigging point (please see diagram below).
c) The location details and/or set up of where the aerial act will be performed including photos showing the ceiling/roof must be sent to SircuSynergy in order to determine rigging feasibility. Strong beams in the ceiling/roof with points for rigging is essential.
Required Rigging Dimensions: